Monday, April 23, 2012

Birds of prey are my favorite birds.  If there's any such thing as reincarnation .... I want to come back as a bird of pray.  The Ospray that live along the Chesapeake Bay are such graceful birds.  I could watch them for hours as they soar and stalk their next fish for lunch.

This pair of Ospray have made home on top of the York River Bridge.   As I was sitting in traffic, creeping across the bridge, I was able to get a close up.  Everyday I see the birds as I pass over the bridge.  It appears that there are the pair, plus a juvenile from last year still hangin' out with his folks.  I've watched them carrying twigs and such to build their home.   It's a true delight to see.  They seem to be able to adjust to the changing environment and carry on with their daily lives just like us -- no matter how noisy the neighbors.

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