Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunrise on the Ware River

We're lucky to be surrounded on three sides by water -- The Chesapeake Bay is home and provides many with jobs, recreation, food and fun. Let me lay this out, there are several peninsula's that enjoy hundreds of miles of shoreline, with expansive views, remarkable wildlife, and the most remarkable sunrises and sunsets. From every vantage point, the view is awesome and shouldn't be taken for granted. We're all very sure that the sun will rise and sun will set, but you need to take a moment to actually watch it for yourself. It's quite, serene and peaceful, and quite wonderous. Through the deafening morning quiet, the shore birds are calling to each other to wake and up and greet the waterman and their work boats that will soon be making their way and start their day making their living on the many rivers and tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay.

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